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This is us! Jared, Stefanie, Anna and Aiden! Anna is 4 and Aiden is 2, time flies so fast! We're doing our best to enjoy life and take every obstacle head on! :) I'm hoping to have this blog be about all the happy things in our life and keep it mostly positive! Obviously, we have things in our lives that aren't so great, but I'll do my best to keep this as uplifting as possible ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time off!

Sorry I've been MIA lately! I've been taking some much needed time off from a few things, but it's been GREAT. Haven't even looked at any blogs in weeks and it's been four weeks since I've been on Facebook. Occasionally I've commented on something, but I mainly get on to check events or grab a picture. Facebook just takes up so much of my time and I know it's my own fault, so it really is nice being off there, makes me realize how much time I do waste on there! I was able to clean and organize most of the rooms in my house and it feels great! Still making myself keep up on all of it, but I'll get there ;) There hasn't been a whole lot that's happened while I've been away though, sad to say! There's only one thing really worth mentioning.

It was about two weeks ago, I was on my way to work a crossing guard shift in the morning and I brought the kids with me. We were driving over the viaduct by our house and traffic had backed up near the top of it, so I had stopped. The car behind us didn't see we had stopped though and rear-ended us. I was so completely stressed that morning and the kids were stressing me out too, so add being rear-ended to all that and I was crying and freaking out. I made sure the kids were ok, then got out of the car and was just freaking out about everything to the other driver. Looking back now, I laugh at how I acted, I must have looked like a psycho to that poor guy LOL. We pulled over to a nearby church parking lot and I again made sure the kids were ok (poor Anna was crying as well and was scared, but I keep reassuring her everything was ok), then I got out and surveyed the damage. There was a nice lady who had pulled over with us to make sure we were all ok, then gave us her number in case we needed anything and left. I called her later that day and thanked her for her kindness and thoughtfulness, she really was sweet :). Anyway, a cop came and got our police report and luckily Jared hadn't left for work yet, so I had called him to come down and help. I was just shaking as I filled out the paperwork, it was just a shock. Usually when I have to stop suddenly like that, I look in my rearview mirror to make sure the person behind me is paying attention. This was the one time I didn't do that and now, whenever I even slow down, I'm looking in the mirror to make sure the driver is watching! lol.

We had some damage done to our bumper, the other guy's car was damaged pretty good, and even though it wasn't damaged a lot, we still decided to file a claim with the other guy's insurance to get the car fixed because we'd still be driving that car around for a while and would have to deal with it if we didn't fix it. Well, this all happened Thursday the 13th and that following Monday, we had turned in our car to get fixed and got in a rental. That rental car was SWEET. 2011 Ford Explorer with all the bells and whistles, it was SO nice :). It was only supposed to take two days, MAYBE three, to get our car fixed and we ended up having that rental car for a week! We just got our car back this past Monday, two days ago. They kept having problems finding parts for our car, so it just took a lot longer. That was fine by me, I loved driving that car! And now I'm having to get re-used to driving our own car! lol. I do love our car though. Anyway, I'll stop talking about it now, we're all doing fine from it and have our fixed car back :).

I had the kids pictures taken last week at Kiddie Kandids. They are just little balls of energy, going NON-STOP, seriously. But we did get some really cute photos of them, I'm excited to pick them up next week :). I typically never go to Kiddie Kandids anymore because of how pricey they are (the last time I went was December 2008!), but they sent me an email with a deal of a free session, $30 in free product/prints and 20% off the rest of my order...how could I refuse?? ;)

My sister and her hubby found out what they are having and I am SOO stoked!! They are having a little boy!! They wanted a boy and I couldn't be happier for them, he is going to be so freaking adorable!! :)

Nothing else is really going on at the moment. This weekend and a few days next week are going to be hectic, but we'll survive as we always do and have a good time while we're at it! :) Aiden turns THREE next Thursday the 3, in about a week....I can't believe my little baby will be three!! Time flies by so fast it's not even funny. Really can't believe it's been three years since I last had a baby and brought our sweet boy into the world. We are so happy and complete with him here though, love him to pieces!! My nephew just so happened to be born on the same day as Aiden, a year later, and he and his family are coming up from Arizona next week, I'm so excited! Because they'll be here during the boys' birthdays, we decided to do a combined party for them at Boondock's (where my sister works), it'll be so fun! We just invited family members and a couple friends who live close-by, but I'm excited, the boys will have a blast!

Anyway, I'll end on that note and try to keep up a little better. TTFN!

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  1. Sorry about the accident, that really sucks. That's happened to me before, people really need to watch out.
    And Happy Birthday to little Aiden soon!!! I can't believe how big he is!